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Tiny Troublemakers: Household Remedies for Common Pot-Plant Pests!

Are your houseplants playing host to uninvited guests? Are aphids, fungus gnats, and spider mites turning your indoor oasis into a battleground? Fret not, fellow Garden Masters! The secret gardeners’ arsenal is here to rescue your green companions from the clutches of these tiny troublemakers. With the help of our pot-plant expert, Awelani, we’ve compiled a guide to natural homemade remedies you can use to steer clear of chemical warfare and embrace the power of your pantry


Cinnamon or citrus peels create an impenetrable fortress against ant invasions. Preserve your indoor green realm with these locally-inspired defences and keep the marching ants at bay. This colony is no match for you!


Aphids are tiny insects attracted to plants for their sugary sap, especially in new, tender growth. They thrive in warm weather and are particularly active in dry conditions. They reproduce quickly, so a small aphid population can quickly become a large infestation. You might notice them clustering on the undersides of leaves or along stems. They also leave behind a sticky substance, which can attract other pests like ants. Your weapon of choice is a combination of water and dishwashing liquid. This concoction will disrupt their feeding habits and allow your plants to breathe freely again.

And in case you’d like to put these invaders at bay without disrupting the biodiversity of your potted garden, use our guide to biodiverse gardening.

Fungus Gnats

These pesky fruit-fly-sized nuisances are drawn to moist soil, where they lay their eggs. To combat them, allow the soil to dry between waterings. Alternatively, place a shallow container filled with cider vinegar near the base of the affected plant or, ideally, inside the pot on top of the soil. Refresh the container with new vinegar every day.

It’s critical to choose soil that hasn’t been invested prior to purchase. To check out our our range of top-quality fertiliser, compost and potting soil, click here.

Spider Mites

Spider mites can wreak havoc on your indoor plant kingdom. They thrive in hot and dry conditions. Fight back with a blend of water and dishwashing liquid. This will disrupt their habitat and make them vulnerable to natural predators.

We’ve also compiled a list of natural ingredients you can use to boost your plant’s immune system. For some of the most common household products you can use to promote the well-being of your potted plants, click here.

Mealy Bugs

These cottony invaders are attracted to the soft, nutrient-rich tissues of your plants. Arm yourself with a cotton swab soaked in a solution of water and mild dishwashing soap. Gently swipe the cotton swab across the affected areas, ensuring thorough coverage of the mealy bug-infested zones. The soapy solution disrupts their protective waxy coating and dehydrates them. Repeat this process until the infestation disappears.

Snails and Slugs

Snails and slugs are attracted to the moisture in the soil and plant foliage. Safeguard your indoor greenery by crafting a barrier around them with beer-filled saucers. The scent of the beer attracts snails, keeping them at a safe distance from your plant kingdom. As they crawl into the beer-filled containers, they become intoxicated by the yeast and ultimately drown in the liquid.

Powdery Mildew

Powdery mildew thrives in humid conditions. All your plants need to protect themselves from an unexpected onslaught is a gentle spray of water and baking soda. The mixture will alter the pH and create an inhospitable environment for the fungus.

Take Control and Conquer!

Combatting these tiny troublemakers involves understanding what makes them tick. Now that you have the ammunition needed, you can embrace what’s readily available in your pantry and transform your pot plant haven into a thriving paradise.

But what if pests aren’t the only invaders waging war against your plant kingdom? Your plants run the risk of being affected by a variety of pests this time of the year. Be prepared for anything by taking a look at our guide to reviving your dying plants from common plant issues.

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