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The Veggie Garden is your happy place

Do you have a happy place? Just being in the garden is enough for most of us, but how about creating a special space just for you? Here are some ideas that also have practical uses!

Make your own potting bench:
I couldn’t live without mine. A potting bench means that you don’t have to bend over to sow seed in trays or repot plants. It is perfect for growing trays of baby-leaf lettuce and spinach (harvesting is a cinch). Everything can be kept in one place:
geminating and seedling mix, garden tools, fertiliser, even the wormery or bokashi bin if there is enough space. Upscale an old desk or dresser that has drawers for keeping seed, plant ties, labels and what have you, and shelves for potting soil, bins, buckets and cans.

Attach hooks for hanging garden tools. Seal the wooden surface or give it a water-proof topping that can be wiped down.

Other options:
Build your own bench from used wooden pallets or other recycled wood (picket fencing, wooden palisades, old shelving), paint or stain an old table, or lay a door, metal shelf (or similar) over trestles.

Good to know:
Make sure that the bench is at a height that suits you; bending is a back breaker. Aim for a good-sized working surface that can accommodate seed trays and still allow for other work.

Kid’s corner:
Many gardeners remember the veggie garden as their happy space when they were kids. Do the same for your children or grandchildren. This Lifestyle Garden Centre show garden created this kid’s corner using painted stepping-stones, each with a letter of the alphabet. What a fun way to learn the alphabet and invent garden games, like learning to spell your own name.

Let the kids plant pickable veggies like baby carrots, lettuce, radishes, beans or baby tomatoes. A bunny in the centre adds the finishing touch. Frogs, lady birds and beetles would work too.

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