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Key range features
• Suitable for all lawns
• Feeds for up to 3 months
• Includes organic materials that improves soil quality
• For top dressing or mixing into soil during lawn preparation

How to use
• Lawn Dressing may be thinly spread over an existing lawn alone or in combination with over-seeding to boost lawn density
• Spread evenly over the grass and rake to level the area. If over-seeding, use quality seed and follow package directions
• For lawns that have a build-up of dead grass under the green top growth (“thatch”), raking with a steel tine garden rake followed by aeration with a sturdy fork is
recommended before applying
• Dig out dead weeds and grass then loosen the soil
• Spread a 2.5 cm layer of Lawn Dressing and mix into the top 2.5 cm of existing soil
• Spread seeds or lay turf and water frequently

Close the bag tightly after use