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Fertiliser Group 2, Reg. B 5933, Act 36 of 1947
• Designed to improve the overall texture and quality of soils

Key range features
• Improves water retention
• Rejuvenates impoverished soils
• Increases beneficial microbe and earthworm populations
Maximum application rates
• Sensitive plants: 25 L / m2
• Tolerant plants: 90 L / m2

How to use
• Prepare your garden soil before planting by thoroughly working a generous layer of Compost and Garden Master All Purpose
Organic Fertiliser into the top surface of the soil with a rake
• Water thoroughly after planting and as frequently as possible until plants are established
• For best results, apply again after three months or condition with Garden Master All Purpose Organic Fertiliser
• Use as a mulch after planting – excellent for mulching around edibles

Close the bag tightly after use