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Paving the Way: Effective Strategies for Weed Control with Garden Master

​​We know the feeling: As we gear up for a summer vacation, unfortunately, those pesky pavement invaders are reluctant to take a break themselves. Fear not though, fellow gardeners! This guide is your ticket to a weed-free summer holiday. We’re about to dive into DIY weed-busting techniques that are both eco-friendly and won’t break a sweat. This will equip you with the best tools you need and lay down preventative measures that’ll make your pavement as smooth as a summer breeze. 

Identifying The Culprits: 

Common Dubbeltjie: 

Identification: Small yellow flowers, multiple stems, and spiny seeds. 

Conquering Tip: Handpick the seed pods and you’ll be on a mission to prevent seed spread, just like James Bond. Mission accepted!

Creeping Sorrel: 

Identification: A creeping perennial with heart-shaped leaves. 

Conquering Tip: Mulch heavily – make it a cosy mulch blanket, and then start trimming and removing stems like a hairdresser giving a haircut.


Identification: Thick taproot, milky juice, and golden-yellow flowers. 

Conquering Tip: Unleash your inner gardening archaeologist and dig deep to remove the whole plant. Now apply mulch, the dandelion’s arch-nemesis. 

Common Clover: 

Identification: Perennial with trifoliate leaves and white flowers. 

Conquering Tip: Adjust your lawn watering and apply herbicide – clover’s kryptonite. 

And if you’re weeds aren’t your only problem, we might just have what you’ve been waiting for. If you’re struggling with invasive plants in your garden, our guide  will help you identify and eradicate these silent killers.

Eco-Friendly, DIY Weed Removal and Control Techniques: 

  1. Vinegar Solution: Let’s prepare a summer drink for the unwanted invaders – vinegar with a bit of dishwashing soap is a superhero combo that will zap those weeds away.  
  2. Salt Barrier: Salt, the garden superhero’s sidekick! Sprinkle it between cracks, and watch it thwart weed growth. Just don’t go overboard; we’re fighting weeds, not creating a new Dead Sea. So be wary.  
  3. Boiling Water: Weeds, meet your arch-nemesis – boiling water. A hot bath that leaves them wilting and wishing they never sprouted, especially in the hot summer sun. Just be careful not to splash the leaves you love in the process!  
  4. Baking Soda: Baking soda, the gentle giant of weed control. Sprinkle some on those weeds, add water, and voila – a paste that says, “Weeds, be gone!” 

Recommended Tools for Weed Control:

  1. Handheld Weeder: Your handheld hero, tackling weeds like a boss. Small but mighty, just like a sidekick should be. Get your hand on one here. 
  2. Paving Weeder: The garden master of weed warfare – standing tall, reaching low, and making weed removal seem effortless. Bring it home and get yours here. 
  3. Pressure Sprayer: Your weapon of mass destruction. Use it to deploy that DIY weed-killing concoction we mentioned earlier. It’s like your gardening bazooka – but eco-friendly! We’ve got just the one you need 

Preventative Measures to Keep Pavements Weed-Free:

  1. Regular Sweeping: Sweep away debris and say, because nothing says “stay away” like a tidy pavement. 
  2. Proactive Mulching: Mulch – the superhero’s cape, but for your pavement. Lay it thick, and watch the weeds surrender to the mulchy defence. 
  3. Crack Sealing: No room for weed seeds – they’re not on the guest list, right? Then it might be time to reseal those pavement cracks. 
  4. Proper Watering: And now for the final blow: Adjust your watering practices and avoid unnecessary water on your pavement. 

So, there you have it, garden warriors – your guide to a summer pavement free from weed drama. Armed with eco-friendly DIY tactics and mighty tools, you’re not just a gardener; you’re a Garden Master.  

Remember to head to a Builder’s Warehouse, Game or Makro near you! Happy (and healthy) planting, Garden Masters! May your summer be weed-free, and your pavement as smooth as the ocean on a hot summer night.