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Mothers are flowers in the garden of life

With the seasons changing, you are probably looking at your garden with a fair amount of despair.

Roses are red, violets are blue, Mother’s Day is around the corner and we’ve got something exciting in store for you…

So maybe you were a little ill-prepared for Mother’s Day this year and plan to get the usual run-of-the-mill bunch of flowers and chocolate – which is thoughtful. But, together with Garden Master, let’s make the next one special!

Get down to your nearest Builders Warehouse, Game or Makro stores for a pack of the Garden Master Alyssum flower seeds and make every day Mother’s Day!

Alyssum is a popular bedding plant for full sun as it is low maintenance and long flowering. This multi-coloured beauty tends to grow to an average size of 15cm in height with a spread of 20 cm and have a high drought tolerance as Allysum are heat resistant and rarely bothered by pests and diseases.

These flowers may give the impression of being weak, but this faithful bloomer is tough. Feed with a fertiliser low in nitrogen as this promotes flower, rather than foliage, growth. Alyssum will re-bloom for long periods provided spent flowers are removed.

This honey scented gem comes in an array of colours which range from the common white to shades of pink and purple so make mums day, every day and plant some of these regal beauties to brighten up all her days!