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Make a terrarium from a glass jar

Make a terrarium from a glass jar – the perfect way to add a little greenery to your home!

Click to watch the video or follow the steps below.

You will need the following:

A glass bottle
A few small pebbles
Activated carbon
1/2 palm peat and 1/2 potting soil mix
A small plant


Step 1
Make sure your glass is thoroughly cleaned and the label has been removed.

Step 2
Layer the following:
1 cm small pebbles
1 cm sand
a thin layer of activated charcoal (or a small amount of fire charcoal)
5 cm potting soil mix
*these will all depend on the size of your jar.

Step 3
Plant your small plants into the soil, making sure roots are not exposed once in position. (Use small plants like Chlorophytum / Spider plant)

Step 4
Decorate with twigs and moss to create a natural effect or decorative pebbles.

Step 5
Do not overwater. Mist your bottle with a mister and close the lid.
You’re done! Time to enjoy your beautiful terrarium in a glass jar!

Click to watch the video