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Herb all about it?

With the seasons changing, you are probably looking at your garden with a fair amount of despair.

Hard winter labour in the garden deserves a hearty meal infused with the best herbs to bring out that scrumptious flavour!

July is a month to do solid landscaping maintenance, but also some much-anticipated harvesting of those delicious leeks, carrots, cabbages, brussel sprouts and parsnips.

While some plants may go dormant, root crops as well as leeks and onions thrive in winter and are often best-tasting during this season.

As you reap your batch of nutritious goodness in June, it’s a great opportunity to plant and nurture your indoor herb garden.

Garden Master offers an array of herb seedlings including (but not limited to) basil, chives, thyme, sage, coriander, oregano and rosemary – all delightful in almost any winter meal.

To ensure your indoor herb garden flourishes, make sure it is positioned in an area which allows for adequate natural light and that the water feeds are slow and thorough as too much water will cause the roots to rot – Garden Master has a great variety of pots with sufficient drainage holes suited for this tasty planting project.

Make sure to grow each herb in its own pot using organic potting soil and remember to feed these flavourful gems some fertiliser.

Despite Basil not being a fan of the cooler elements, ensure that your indoor herb garden is well ventilated – the windowsill may be the most ideal spot for both air and sunlight!

Happy Gardening! Xx