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Gardening trends for 2018

With the hustle and bustle of January done and dusted, February presents itself with an opportunity to slow down and start.

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]With the hustle and bustle of January done and dusted, February presents itself with an opportunity to slow down and start planning any changes you would like to implement in your garden this year. Hence, we think it’s in perfect timing to let you know what the gardening trends for 2018 are. So grab a cup of coffee and get those creative juices flowing with us.
First off, we need to factor in rainfall as the rainfall your location sees helps you determine which plants or flowers you should plan on housing in your garden.
While not all gardening experts focus on the same trends for 2018, Garden Master dives deeper into their top five trends for the year below:

The Small Garden: In South Africa, many of us don’t have access to enormous gardens and, due to townhouse living we must make do with the patch of garden allocated to us. The most important element is to ensure that your garden has multipurpose features. For example, a concrete feature could serve as a flower bed, to catch rain and even as additional seating when entertaining guests. A quick change to your garden could include the addition of decorative water tanks. These stylish tanks from Garden Master adds to the modern look of your garden while serving as a flowerbed, all while collecting rainwater for usage around the home. So keeping a garden needn’t contribute to excessive water usage.

Grow Your Own Veggies: The growing appreciation for organically grown vegetables coupled with the rise of food prices are leading to more households growing their own fresh fruit and vegetables all year round. Garden Master has a wide range of vegetable and herb seeds available such as tomatoes, cucumber, butternut, gem squash, beans and onions to name but a few. Planting your seeds at the right time of the year will assist in ensuring a good crop.

Houseplants: This is an easy step towards staying on trend this year as it doesn’t require any landscaping or building. Houseplants are back in fashion for more than one reason: not only are they aesthetically appealing, they purify the air and according to NASA, indoor plants can also reduce your stress, control humidity in the home as well as lower sound pollution. Various plants can actually aid your well-being in different ways. Aloe Vera for example, could neutralise benzene which is found in certain detergents and plastics. An easy way to decorate your home with plants is to make use of indoor hanging planters – these were highly fashionable during the 60’s and 70’s and is now considered to be back in fashion. Garden Master has an array of terrabowls for you to choose from.

Ultra Violet: The pantone colour for 2018 is ultra violet so feel free to introduce it into your own garden through clever use of flowers and pots. Lavender won’t only make your garden look trendy, you could also use it when cooking deliciously lavender infused meals. Lobelia Crystal Palace is ideal for carpet bedding borders or colour pockets. Garden Master’s seed packets of Lobelia Crystal Palace provides enough seeds to cover a 1 m² area and can be planted in loose gritty soil anytime of the year. The good news is, you can start planting this weekend.

Make Your Garden Habitat Friendly: Due to our expanding cities and suburbs, the needs of local wildlife aren’t met. It is in fact very easy to meet their needs by growing both seed producing and berry bearing plants. Reducing the use of insecticides is also recommended.

These trends are easy to bring to life in your own garden without having to change the entire layout or disrupt the day to day usage of your garden. We would love to see how you turn your garden around so feel free to share your trendy gardens with us on at To find out more about the Garden Master tools and products available to make your garden trendy visit[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]