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December in the Garden

Easy to use and readily available, it’s time to treat yourself and your garden – or wrap them up as a stunning gift option for friends that have it all!

Add a living touch to festive gifts. Fact – plants make thoughtful inexpensive gifts and are typically well received! A simple pot of seasonal colour (seedlings or indoor plants) can easily be transformed into gifts for grannies, aunties and even teachers. Succulents (like the gorgeous green and red crassula), bonsai and trees are a safe option for grampa’s and uncles. Herb gifts are loved by ‘almost everyone’, as are bird feeders, trendy garden tools and DIY kits. 

With a multitude of special names and colours to choose from, you can add perfume and colour with favourites like ‘My Granny’, ‘Forever Friends’, ‘Peace’ and many, many more.

Outdoor entertaining is at it’s best in South Africa! Garden furniture and hardware can make all the difference if you’re home for the holidays… from a small bird feeder to a large hanging garden chair.

Watering is essential after all fertiliser applications, so make sure you plan the monthly fertiliser application to co-incide with your watering schedule. Be informed and aware of the watering restrictions in your specific area – most regions only allow watering between 6pm and 6am. Schedule accordingly.

Tidy up the edges

Neaten the borders of your flower beds with edging materials such as cobblestones or wooden poles. Edging is available in a range of different lengths, heights, colours and styles. Galvanised, powder coated, wooden and synthetic options are available – so there is sure to be a style that suits your style!

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