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Creating Lasting Memories: A Mother’s Day Picnic To Remember

Call her umama, ma, mmangwane or just mama! Whatever you prefer, she’s a phenomenal being, and there’s only one day of the year we have to make Mom feel truly cherished and appreciated for all the endless love and life lessons she has bestowed upon us.

The 12th of May is a special occasion to honour and celebrate the incredible women in our lives. What better way to show your appreciation than by treating Mom to a delightful garden picnic? This year, make Mother’s Day unforgettable with our guide to the ultimate Mother’s Day picnic – with tips, activity suggestions and delicious picnic recipes you can use to make sure she can let her hair down.

Choose the Perfect Location:

The first step in planning a Mother’s Day garden picnic is selecting the ideal location. Whether you have a sprawling backyard or access to a local park or community garden, find a spot with ample greenery, beautiful flowers, and enough space for your picnic blanket and activities. No garden? No problem. Here are some of our top picnic spots in South Africa.

Pack Essentials

To ensure a smooth and enjoyable picnic experience, don’t forget to pack the essentials. Here’s a checklist:

  • A big blanket or outdoor rug or two
  • Comfortable cushions and pillows
  • Sunscreen and hats to beat the South African sun
  • Mozzie spray to keep those pesky bugs at bay
  • Portable speaker for some relaxing music (don’t forget to choose the playlist to set the scene the day before)
  • Trash bags for tidying up
  • Wet wipes for sticky fingers

Get Creative with Decor:

Enhance the ambience of your garden picnic with some creative decor ideas. Consider setting up a DIY flower crown station where everyone can craft their own floral headpieces using fresh blooms from the garden. You could also hang string lights or colourful bunting for a cheerful touch.

Picnic-Friendly Recipes:

Keep things simple and delicious with these quick and easy South African-inspired picnic recipes:

  • Boerewors Rolls: Grill up some boerewors and serve on fresh rolls with homemade relish.
  • Mini Vetkoek: Whip up a batch of mini vetkoek and fill it with curried mince or sweet jam.
  • The Classic Potato Salad: Add a South African twist to the classic potato salad by dressing it with a creamy dressing.
  • Charcuterie: If you’ve invited guests, ask them to participate the ultimate charcuterie board by packing one or two of their favourite snacks. You can suggest fresh fruit such as grapes or watermelons, potato crisps or corn chips, breads, olives, preserved figs, jams, a selection of cheeses, salty cracks, droëwors or biltong.

H2: Enjoy Fun Activities:
Keep everyone entertained with a range of fun activities for the whole family:

  • Bring along a deck of cards for a game of 41 or Uno.
  • Take a leisurely stroll through the garden and admire the native flora and fauna.
  • Set up a braai area and let everyone take turns grilling their favourite snacks (remember to include this in your invitation).

And Now, To Crown It All:

Create one, create many. Crafting floral crowns is a fun activity everyone can take part in. Here are some of the materials you’ll need to set up your station:

  1. Fresh flowers: Choose a variety of sturdy blooms or plants that don’t wilt easily and have sturdy stems, such as roses, lavender, rock roses, Carnations, Chrysanthemums and even wildflowers. Hydrangeas can also add a modern touch. Ensure they are freshly picked and place them in a water container to make them last longer.
  2. Pruner: Invest in a pruner or two for your guests to prune the flowers.
  3. Floral wire: This will serve as the base of the flower crown, providing structure and support. Opt for flexible floral wire, which is easy to bend and shape. Alternatively, opt for long twines such as willow twines.
  4. Scissors or wire cutters: You’ll need scissors to trim the floral tape and cut the wire. Wire cutters are handy for cutting the wire to the desired length and trimming the stems of the flowers.
  5. Ribbon or twine (optional): Add a decorative touch to your flower crown by incorporating ribbon or twine. Choose a colour that complements the flowers for a cohesive look.


Now follow the these step-by-step instructions:

  1. Prepare the Flowers: Trim the stems of your flowers to about 5 to 7 centimetres in length, removing any excess foliage or thorns. Keep the stems as even as possible for easy attachment to the wire base. The more the better, as this creates more segments for you to place your plants.
  2. Create the Base: Measure the circumference of your head using the floral wire or twine, leaving a few extra centimetres for adjustments and securing the ends. Shape the wire into a circle and twist the ends together to form a secure loop. Now loop and twist a few pieces of the floral wire or twine together so that it forms segments in which you can place the stems of the flowers.
  3. Secure the Flowers: Now start placing more and more flowers. The more flowers you place, the more space is created by the stems of the flowers to place even more. Just be sure that they are tightly placed and secure.
  4. Add Variation: Mix and match different types and colours of flowers to create a visually appealing crown. Experiment with placement and spacing to achieve your desired look. You can also incorporate smaller blooms or foliage for added texture and dimension.
  5. Finish with Ribbon (optional): If desired, tie a piece of ribbon or twine around the ends of the wire base to conceal any exposed wire and add a decorative touch. Knot the ribbon securely and trim any excess.
  6. Adjust and Secure: Once you’ve finished arranging the flowers, try on the crown to ensure a comfortable fit. Adjust the wire base as needed to fit snugly on your head, and secure any loose flowers or stems with additional floral tape.
  7. Final Touches: Take a moment to admire your handiwork and make any final adjustments. Gently fluff the flowers and adjust the positioning for a polished finish, and voila!

And Now For the Grand Finale – the Gift

Looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift? Make her feel extra special with a gift that she can grow herself. Start by choosing a beautiful pot to match her style. Then, include a bag of high-quality potting soil to ensure her plants thrive.

Equip her with essential hand tools for gardening success, and surprise her with a selection of flower seeds or herb seed packs for endless blooms. Finish off with a functional watering can, ensuring her plants stay hydrated.

H2: An Ode to Mom!
This Mother’s Day, honour Mom with a garden picnic she’ll never forget. By following these tips for planning the perfect outdoor gathering, you can create cherished memories and show your appreciation for the special woman in your life. Whether it’s crafting flower crowns, indulging in delicious picnic fare, or simply basking in each other’s company, a garden picnic is sure to make Mom feel loved and celebrated.

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