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Clivia Chronicles: Celebrating a South African Gem

Summer marks a crucial period for the Clivia, a native South African plant that not only graces our landscapes but captivates us with its vibrant allure.

During these months, clivias transition from the flowering phase to a period of growth and resource accumulation, focussing on photosynthesis and storing energy for the upcoming blooming season. While they might not actively bloom, they direct their efforts toward sustaining their health and vitality. It is, therefore, important to tailor your care routine by providing a balance of light, water and nutrients during this season to set the stage for spectacular blooms in the next spring.

Our comprehensive guide will help you make sense of cultivating these indigenous gems, exploring tips for creating stunning displays, achieving vibrant reblooms, and embracing the diverse Clivia varieties that call South Africa home. Join us on a journey to master the art of gardening with clivias and creating vibrant displays that will leave everyone in awe.

Tips on Turning Heads: Creating Stunning Clivia Displays 

Choosing the Right Location

Native to the coastal forests of South Africa, specifically KwaZulu-Natal and Eastern Cape, Clivias (Clivia spp.) are celebrated for their bold, trumpet-shaped blooms and lush, evergreen foliage. Thriving in the understory of forests, their vibrant hues light up the dim forest floor, making them a spectacle to behold during their enchanting spring bloom.

Find a spot in your garden with bright, filtered light for your Clivias, and areas where they are protected from hot afternoon sun, which can burn their leaves. They also flourish in large drifts under evergreen trees or shady areas. They can work great in containers, which enables one to move them around.

Soil Requirements

Craft the perfect soil mix – well-draining, enriched with local organic matter. A blend of peat, perlite, and native compost mirrors the conditions Clivias thrive. For the perfect mix, try Garden Master’s Organic Compost, designed to improve the overall texture and quality of soil.


When it comes to quenching your Clivias’ thirst, it’s all about finding the perfect balance. Mimic the natural rainfall patterns of South Africa by keeping the soil consistently moist during the growing season. Clivias don’t appreciate soggy conditions, so ensure proper drainage to prevent waterlogged roots. Emulating the gentle hydration they would receive in their native habitat encourages robust growth and sets the stage for a breathtaking display in the upcoming blooming season. For our range of watering solutions, click here.


Feed your Clivias with a balanced fertiliser, mirroring the nutrient-rich soils found in South Africa. Strike the right balance to enhance their resilience and promote vivid blooms. Be sure to add Garden Master’s Bio Fertiliser to your soil for the perfect mix of nutrients your clivias need to flourish.

Tips on Getting Clivias to Rebloom: South African Seasons

The Power of Unity: Grouping Clivias Together

In the realm of Clivia cultivation, there’s strength in numbers. Grouping Clivias together not only creates a striking visual impact but also replicates the communal nature of their native habitats. This mimics the dense clumps and vibrant tapestry of colours found in the South African wilderness, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal. The collective presence of Clivias fosters a microcosm of biodiversity within your garden, creating a harmonious display that celebrates the diversity of these exceptional plants.

Pruning Your Clivias

After the blooms have faded, it’s time to give your clivias a trim, but trim with care, respecting the natural growth patterns of these indigenous gems. The key here is to approach pruning with a delicate touch, respecting the natural growth patterns of these indigenous plants. Remove spent flower stems close to the base, ensuring a clean cut to promote a tidy appearance. Additionally, trim any yellowing or damaged leaves to encourage fresh, vibrant growth.

With strategic and respectful pruning, you’ll not only maintain the health and aesthetic appeal of your Clivias but also ensure they continue to bloom year after year. Discover our range of pruners here.

Different Clivia Varieties: South Africa’s Floral Diversity

Clivia Miniata

This variant needs no introduction: The Clivia Miniata boasts an iconic orange display of flowers that mimics a South African sunrise. The vibrancy of this variety reflects the warm hues that grace the horizon during dawn, adding a burst of energy to any garden. Exploring the wide spectrum of shades, from deep orange to subtle apricots, reveals the diverse tapestry of South Africa’s natural landscape.

Clivia Nobilis

Take a moment to appreciate the regal beauty of Clivia Nobilis, an embodiment of grace. With its arching leaves and trumpet-shaped flowers, this variety pays homage to the sophistication and natural elegance of the region. Clivia nobilis stands as a botanical tribute, showcasing not only the aesthetic appeal but also the refined charm inherent in South Africa’s diverse flora.

Clivia Caulescens

Embark on a journey of discovery with Clivia Caulescens, unveiling its slender stems and hanging clusters that reflect the grace and beauty inherent in South Africa’s native plants. As you introduce this variant into your garden, you’re not just cultivating a plant; you’re cultivating a piece of South African natural history. Its distinctive characteristics serve as a reminder of the diverse ecosystems and botanical wonders that flourish in the heart of this vibrant nation.

Where the Wild Things Grow

As the sun sets on our clivia journey, may your Clivias thrive, echoing the resilience and diversity of their homeland. Whether in pots, grouped together or tucked away under a tree, we hope you enjoy these indigenous treasures and their botanical richness. Happy cultivating!

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