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Beat the Blaze and Bust the Algae: Your Ultimate Pool-Maintenance Checklist

Ever returned home only to find your pool overrun by green slime floating on the water, or patches of green marks on your pool wall? It’s frustrating to see the mess that needs to be cleaned knowing that it will steal precious pool time.

Fear not, fellow Garden Masters. Thankfully, our BlueChem experts have crafted a pool cleaning routine that will help you understand pool algae, show you how to take precautions, and save you from a potential pool catastrophe. From daily tasks to monthly rituals, as well as BlueChem pool products you can use, our step-by-step pool maintenance checklist will help you protect your swimming pool from those slimy monsters! Ready to make a splash? Then let’s dive right in!

What is pool algae?

Pool algae is a type of microscopic aquatic plant that is commonly found in swimming pools. It thrives on nutrients like nitrates and phosphates that are typically present in water. While it is a natural part of our ecosystem and responsible for producing approximately 50% of the oxygen we breathe, it can also be a nuisance for pool owners. Besides that, excessive growth of algae can make your pool look very uninviting and can even pose health risks to swimmers.

Though certain algae flourish during colder conditions, most algae thrive in pools exposed to 10 to 15 hours of sunlight and temperatures between 15 to 26 °C. Therefore, it’s critical to take care, especially during the warm seasons.

Algae spores can enter the pool through various sources such as wind, dirt, rain, and even through swimming costumes, toys, or pets that have been in contact with rivers, oceans, or ponds. These spores are usually invisible to the naked eye but can turn into blooms and change the colour of the pool almost overnight if the chlorine levels drop or the pH balance is disrupted.

For pool-algae prevention and effective algae treatment, use these summer pool care tips and tasks:

Daily Tasks

1. Skim the Surface:

Equip yourself with a leaf rake to effortlessly remove leaves, bugs, and debris from the water’s surface. Keep your pool pristine for every swim.

2. Check the Water Chemistry:

For a sparkling swimming pool you need to understand your pool water’s chemistry balance. Test the pH and chlorine levels daily to maintain a perfectly balanced aquatic environment. A happy pool is a healthy pool. To master the art and science of pool chemistry and become a pool chemist, click here for our guide to understanding pool chemistry.

3. Check Skimmer Baskets:

Ensure efficient water circulation by cleaning out your skimmer baskets, a quick task that goes a long way in keeping your pool system running smoothly.

4. Inspect for Debris:

A daily scan of the pool bottom is essential. Use a pool vacuum or net to remove any lurking debris. We suggest using the BlueChem Stingray Pool Cleaner. Your toes will thank you later.

Weekly Tasks

 1. Scrub the Walls:

Grab a pool brush and give those walls and tiles some TLC. This will prevent algae build-up and keep your pool looking as good as new.

2. Run the Pump:

Keep the water circulating! Run the pool pump and filtration system for eight to 12 hours daily. Your pool will return the favour with crystal-clear waters.

3. Backwash the Filter:

For sand or DE filters, a weekly backwash is crucial for maintaining efficiency. Make sure your filtration system is running smoothly. Get your hands on a 40 kg bag of BlueChem Filter Sand, as well as a BlueChem Hi-Vac Sweeper – your partner in filter maintenance.

Monthly Tasks

1. Shock the Pool:

Give your pool a wake-up call with a shock treatment. Eliminate contaminants and keep the water sparkling clear.

2. Check the Water Level:

Keep your pool’s water level just right for optimum pool performance and top up if needed to maintain your skimmer’s efficiency.

3. Inspect Pool Equipment:

Regularly check your pool equipment, including the pool pump, filter and pool heater. Upgrade any equipment as needed to keep your pool running efficiently.

4. Inspect the Filter:

Regularly inspect and replace your pool filters to ensure top-notch water quality. We recommend the BlueChem Pool Filter Pump.

As Needed

1. Test for Algae:

Keep an eagle eye on your pool. Cloudy water or a hint of green? It‘s BlueChem Algi Zap Extra to the rescue, your secret weapon against stubborn algae!

2. Maintain Pool Accessories:

Check, clean, and maintain ladders, pipes, plugs, and handrails. A little care goes a long way in preserving your pool accessories.

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Ready to make every dive count? 

With this comprehensive checklist and the right BlueChem products, we hope this summer will be one to remember. And to make it even more memorable, be sure to download our summer catalogue for a list of fun garden activities for the little ones, our top selection of summer veggies, practical pot-plant care to protect your green household, and helpful tips to protecting your roses from heatwaves.

Dive in, relax, and enjoy a summer filled with refreshing swims in an algae-free swimming pool! Remember to share your worry-free pool moments with us on FacebookInstagram and TikTok!

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