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A Guide to Gifting the Perfect Rose: The Meaning of Rose Colours

As the month of love unfolds its romantic charm, it’s time to show your affection to that special person in your life. Of course, roses are a common go-to flower for Valentine’s Day, but who said you’re only allowed to gift your significant other a rose on this special day? And who said it must be red?

Gifting the Perfect Rose

The challenge in giving the perfect floral gift lies in deciphering the unspoken language of rose colours in general. It’s not a one-size-fits-all affair . People don‘t always realise that there’s an unspoken etiquette that comes with choosing the right rose for the right occasion. That’s exactly where the hidden palette of meaning comes into play: What is the meaning behind rose colours, what association do they have, and when is it appropriate (and inappropriate) to choose them? With the help of our rose expert Neelan, we’ve compiled a comprehensive guideto answer just that. Join us as we dive into the intricate meaning behind various rose colours to ensure your gestures bloom with just the right shade of sentiment.


Red Roses:

These iconic blooms signify more than just love and passion. Neelan adds another layer to the story, highlighting that red roses also symbolise respect, romance, and desire. These for appropriate for anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, and, of course, Valentine’s Day. Just steer clear of funerals; nobody wants to bring a party to the mourning ceremony.

White Roses:

Now, let’s talk about the angels of the rose world – white roses. Beyond purity and innocence, Neelan shares that they can also signify new beginnings, loyalty, reverence, and remembrance. That is why they are appropriate for births, graduations, engagements, weddings and even funerals. So, whether it’s celebrating a new life, a milestone, or paying respects, white roses are not only appropriate for blushing brides but also for moments of remembrance.

Pink Roses:

Ah, the sweethearts of the garden – pink roses. The meaning behind this rose colour is quite extensive and they are, therefore, a versatile gems that fit many occasions. According to Neelan, these beauties are best suited to convey admiration, gratitude, love, romance, desire and sweetness. They are suitable for Mother’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, expressing appreciation, or conveying respect., They are even suitable for funerals, especially the light pink ones to show sympathy.

Medium Pink Roses:

Medium pink roses bring a sense of sweetness and charm to the table. Versatile as ever, these blooms are suitable for birthdays, weddings, and expressing appreciation. Neelan even gives the green light for using medium pink roses at funerals to convey gentle sympathy.

Deep Pink Roses:

Deep pink blooms can be used to show profound gratitude and admiration. Neelan suggests embracing them for Mother’s Day, birthdays, and weddings. And yes, they can join the bouquet at funerals too, adding a touch of sympathy due to their deep pink elegance.

Yellow Roses:

Now, let’s brighten things up with the sunshine yellows! Neelan reveals that these cheerful blooms signify celebration, friendship, and happiness. They are appropriate for gifting, birthdays, expressing gratitude, or conveying a sense of joy. They are perfect for celebrating friendships or even weddings too. Yellow roses are the perfect colour addition to spread good vibes on any occasion, just not funerals.

Orange Roses:

If you’re looking for enthusiasm and energy, orange roses are your go-to. Neelan recommends them for celebrations like promotions and weddings. And again, a little heads up, they might be too vibrant for a funeral setting.

Lavender Roses:

Lavender roses are like the mysterious rebels of the flower world, expressing enchantment and uniqueness. Neelan says they’re perfect for someone special, weddings.

Peach Roses:

Peach roses are sincere charmers, representing gratitude and appreciation. Neelan says they’re great for saying “Thank You,” to use for weddings, and even for expressing sympathy at funerals.

Black Roses:

Speaking of rebellion, black roses are for farewells and new beginnings. They are rarely seen at weddings, but never say never! These unique roses can add a modern and elegant touch to any special occasion.

Celebrating Love

Now that you know the secret language of roses, you’re not just able to give a rose, but craft a symphony of sentiments with your arrangement. While everyone’s stuck on red roses for Valentine’s Day, you can be the rebel who says: “Love comes in all colours!”

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